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Kerala: ‘Mobile’ drivers to face the music

Published May 30, 2018, 12:48 am IST
Updated May 30, 2018, 3:24 am IST
Cops told to enforce Motor Vehicle Regulations.
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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: You are mistaken if you think that the police will look the other way if they find you talking on the mobile phone while driving. Anyone found indulging in that habit would be hauled up and fined, as per a directive issued by state police chief Loknath Behera. He has asked the police officials to strictly enforce the provisions of the Motor Vehicles (Driving) Regulations of 2017 that make mobile phone use while driving as well as a host of other wrong driving habits offences.

Even being unaware of motor vehicles rules is an offence under the notification and the fine will be Rs 100 for first offence and Rs 300 for subsequent offences.
The Centre has brought out the fresh regulations taking into account factors like changes in types of vehicles and driving habits over these years. The provisions of the notifications should be strictly implemented in letter and spirit, said  Mr Behera’s directive.


As per the regulation, the driver as well as  the trainer of a car driven by a learner-driver should not use mobile phone or other communication devices.
It may be recalled that a recent order of the High Court against booking motorists under the Kerala Police Act for use of mobile phone while driving was widely misinterpreted to mean that the use of mobile phone while driving was not an offence.

According to the Centre's notification, drivers should also have adequate knowledge of road rules, including speed limits as well as responsibilities of drivers. As many as 18 duties of drivers have been prescribed in the notification, which include ensuring safety of pedestrians, cyclists, children, elderly and the differently-abled persons. The fresh regulations also prescribe lane driving norms in detail. While driving on roads marked with lanes, drivers shall drive within the lane and change lanes only after giving a proper signal or road marking or signage. Drivers should not cross yellow or white solid lanes while overtaking another vehicle.



Ensure that the driver  and other passengers wear seat belts.

Loud music  not be played in the vehicle

Should not watch videos while driving, except for navigation purpose

Should ensure that the driver is physically and mentally fit

Take vehicle off the road in the quickest possible manner in case of any technical defect

Two and three-wheeler riders should always hold the handle bar with both hands, except when signalling

Location: India, Kerala