Petition filed in SC seeking direction on registration of marital rape cases

Advocate Kapur\'s petition is likely to come up before the court next week.

New Delhi: A petition has been filed before the Supreme Court seeking direction to the central government to ensure that there is a clear guideline for registration of cases related to marital rape under framed guidelines and laws.

The petition, filed by lawyer Anuja Kapur on Friday, also urged the top court to direct the Centre to frame the necessary guidelines along with appropriate laws and by-laws related to marital rape as a ground for divorce.

Advocate Kapur's petition is likely to come up before the court next week.

The petitioner opined that there should be a proper guideline for registration of the cases (FIRs) related to marital rape matters so that accountability, responsibility and, liability of the concerned authorities could be assigned while awarding penalties to accused persons.

The 47-page petition claimed that there is no law for stopping the marital rape, the marital force of intercourse and marital criminalisation.

Anuja's petition contended that to maintain the dignity of women in marriage, the top court should pass suitable directions to the respondent (UOI) keeping in mind the welfare, well-being and in the interest of the public.

The petitioner also pleaded that the apex court should hear the petition and pass a direction, which is the need of the hour in order to put a stop to the marital rape cases, keeping in view the fact that with the advent of time the women of India started advocating the violation of their fundamental and legal rights.

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