Road repairs to be put on record

GHMC to act against officials in case of delays.

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Muni-cipal Corporation (GHMC) commissioner D.S. Lokesh Kumar has instructed zonal commissioners to file weekly reports on 10 civic aspects, including road repairs taken up under Comprehensive Road Main-tenance Project (CRMP), development of parks, junction and median improvement, bus bays and shelters, Foot over Bridges (FoBs) and public toilets.

He wants these details entered into the corporation’s dashboard, which will help him monitor progress or otherwise of these works. He warned zonal commissioners that any delay or failure in filing these reports would invite stringent action.

GHMC chief’s action comes following increasing number grievances from citizens under mainly 10 subjects.

The dashboard, which will be accessible to only top-notch officials of the corporation, will help them know the areas of focus.

Lokesh Kumar made it clear to officials that urban lung space must be improved by greening central medians, parks and junctions. He has set tight deadlines for completing long-pending bus bays, bus shelters and Foot over Bridges (FoBs) for the benefit of commuters.

He has also emphasised on cleanliness at public toilets.

The corporation had proposed to build 52 FoBs and eight skywalks. However, it could ground only five of them during the previous year.

The junction and median improvement programme was taken up way back in 2015 as part of 100 days’ action plan. GHMC could do precious little on these two aspects.

GHMC’s flawless paperwork on public toilets helped the corporation bag several awards. However, the ground reality is that they are still in a very bad condition due to poor maintenance.

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