Juveniles get to taste discipline

The move comes after these children's first ever public performance during the Republic Day Parade.

Kozhikode: Aiming to integrate juveniles from Children’s Home with mainstream society by offering them all the opportunities like children from sound families, the city police has decided to soon launch Children’s Home Cadets in the district.

The move comes after these children’s first ever public performance during the Republic Day Parade. The officials promised to come out with innovative programmes for their upliftment.

The Children’s Home Cadet will be trained by the city police like the Students Police Cadets. Discipline, punctuality, personality development, orientation towards a bright future and inclination towards social service would be the areas that these children will undergo during the training period. One of the officials from the department talking about the initiative said that, these children equally deserve to be part of the activities in the society just like any other students. If these children are not well trained now, they will end up as a debacle.

Services of these children after they are trained would be used in the future volunteering activities including the youth festival venues, science and other school exhibition venues and also volunteering other major public events by the government.

It has to be noted that the Children’s home in the district include children arrested by the police and send to court, those displaced by armed conflicts such as at Marad in Kozhikode, victims of the tsunami disaster and children suffering from AIDS. Even children from broken families and those whose parents are unable to look after them for different social, familial and economic reasons are also part of the Children’s home.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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