Kambala and sex act:' Devanur kicks up row

Prof Bilimale is not clear if the practice has completely stopped in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi.

Mangaluru: Scholar Devanur Mahadeva’s statement on the customs related to Kambala has kicked up a new discussion in the region.

The senior scholar in a statement had mentioned about a practice called ‘Pani Kulluni,’ held during Kambala where the tribal Koraga community members were exploited. He also mentioned about the ‘sexual acts’ in the process of ‘Pani Kulluni’ without clearly mentioning what the act was.

He also referred to the book written by scholar Dr Purushothama Bilimale which mentions this practice.As per this practice, the Koraga community members had to start blowing the ‘dolu,’ before the presiding Kambala. On the day of Kambala, in the early morning, the Koraga community youth had to run on the slush before the buffalos were taken onto the slush. The belief is that it would keep evil eyes away.

It is said that ‘Pani Kulluni,’ literally means sitting in the dew (to protect the Kambala field during the night). The Koraga community was supposed to protect the Kambala field. In later years there were some incidents of harassment too. It is alleged that as Koragas were asked to run on the field before the buffalos, the thorns and glasses in the slush would hurt them first and the slush would be cleared before the buffalos run.

The practice however does not seem to be in vogue today as the Kambala organisers themselves have voluntarily stopped such acts and also because it has been banned by the government under ‘Ajalu Paddhati.’

When contacted, Dr Purushothama Bilimale who has authored ‘Karavali Janapada,’ agrees that the Koraga community was being exploited during Kambala in earlier days.“I had written the book in 1990 when Koragas had to come a day before Kambala to the place and hold the ‘Pani Kulluni,’ practice,” Dr Bilimale who is Professor of Kannada at the Centre of Indian Languages (JNU) told Deccan Chronicle.

“What is the need for such acts?” he questions. “With such activities involved, Kambala is like the relic of a feudal system. Let the exploitation of Koragas stop. We are not against Kambala but only the inhuman practice done with it,” he clarified.

However Prof Bilimale is not clear if the practice has completely stopped in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi.

Meanwhile Kambala organisers have negated the existence of such practices in the present day. “Let anybody prove such harassment to the Koraga community during Kambala and we are ready to face the consequences.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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