Durga Temple Closed Due to Partial Lunar Eclipse

Vijayawada: Due to the partial lunar eclipse, Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam, popularly known as Durga temple, located atop Indrakeeladri in Vijayawada, was closed at 6.30 pm on Saturday. The main temple, along with the Upalayms doors, was also closed. After performing the special rituals and Pancha Harathulu, the temple priests made 'Kavata Bandhanam' of the main temple.

As per the temple authorities, the temple will reopen on Sunday, October 29 at 3 am. Darshan of the goddess Sri Kanaka Durga will resume at 9 am on Sunday after conducting related rituals such as Snapanabhishekam and others.

The Nitya Pallaki Seva which was conducted in the evening stopped on Saturday. Additionally, Suprabatam, Kadgamalarachana, and Vastram sevas would be stopped on the next morning, Sunday.

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