She Team decoy operations bring cheer to women travellers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Decoy operations of Rachakonda She Team members on the Metro Rail have been earning plaudits from all quarters for the relief they have providing to women passengers. These covert missions involve undercover female officers travelling among passengers while keeping an eye out for those who harass women.

In a noteworthy case, a constable was the face of a decoy operation that helped nab a top retired police official and a journalist.

"We move around as regular passengers with our body cameras on. I have been travelling from LB Nagar to Dilsukhnagar. A retired police officer was caught inappropriately touching a woman in a crowded Metro. He was travelling in the ladies compartment, staring at women and falling on them. We intervened in the nick of the moment and filed a case against him,” she said.

In a similar incident, a reporter from a reputed news channel, who was travelling from Nagole, was caught red-handed.

“He was trying to talk to women passengers and harass them. It was only when he boarded the train for a second time that we noticed him. We caught him when he tried to harass women. Despite being caught, he threatened to complain to our higher officials as he was well-connected. But all his efforts went in vain. He was later sent for counselling,” said the decoy.

“Our operations last from 10 am to 10 pm and include extensive travels across various modes of transportation. We operate with seven teams and the focus is on locations with large crowds. In recent months, our presence is being sought by both Metro Rail authorities and passengers, who wish to be assured of passenger safety,” she said.

SHE Team DCP T. Usha Rani said "Our primary objective is to create an environment where every woman can travel without any fear of harassment or victimisation. We have filed 244 cases in the last three months, thanks to our proactive policing in public spaces.”

“Women, despite being victimised, feel insecure when it comes to filing a case against those troubling them. We urge every woman to get into contact with the helpline number 8712662111 if they are harassed. The details and their identity are kept anonymous.”

  • 244 cases filed against trouble-mongers in the last three months
( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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