Students prefer swanky govt schools to private ones in Karnataka

Corporate style facilities and beatification of local schools have attracted them to study locally

Anantapur: In a significant development, the beatification of government schools under Nadu Nedu has stopped migration of children to private schools in Karnataka border. At least seven children of Somagatta village in Rolla mandal located in Sira Taluka borders of Karnataka were back in the village. All of them were studying in a private school at Baraguru in Karnataka.

Corporate style facilities and beatification of local schools have attracted them to study locally. Not only Somagatta, a big number of children from border areas preferred to study at native villages after taking TCs from their respective schools in Karnataka.

Thanks to Nadu Nedu, parents are now keen on putting their children in the district’s government schools. Left neglected for decades together, some of the institutions in the interiors are suddenly bearing a new-look and they boast of all facilities. At least 29,402 students from private schools have enrolled in government schools in the 2020-21 academic year. More than eight per cent excess admissions were recorded as against last year’s normal enrollment. A total of 3.95 lakh students are studying in government schools.

A total 1254 upper primary and high schools were selected under phase-I of Nadu Nedu for providing amenities and an attractive ambience.

Rolla mandal educational officer C. Sridhar told Deccan Chronicle that children were enjoying the climate and facilities in the refurbished schools. The building housing Somagatta upper primary school in Rolla mandal located closer to Sira taluka of Karnataka was in a terrible mess a year ago. Now it has been transformed with attractive wall paintings, TV, RO plant for drinking water and toilets with water facility.

“Even during holidays, students visit schools and prefer to spend more time because of the inspiring classroom atmosphere”, Sridhar observed.

Thimmanna, a parent from Agali mandal said his son was studying at Rentavala private school in Karnataka, and he is now set to join a government school.

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