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I liked Akshay Kumar’s pink pants: KT Rama Rao

Published Apr 29, 2019, 1:38 am IST
Updated Apr 29, 2019, 1:38 am IST
TRS leader responds to netizens’ queries.
K T Rama Rao
 K T Rama Rao

Hyderabad: TRS working president K.T. Rama Rao on Sunday said that he had no clue about the entity called Globarena and that he heard about them only recently after the Intermediate results fiasco, while interacting with netizens during the #AskKTR session on Twitter.

One netizen suggested making the board of intermediate education officers accountable: “The department inquiry is a sham, it’s conducted by their biradri, and they exonerate each other. An external disciplinary committee should be engaged.” Mr Rama Rao’s response: “Point taken.”


Replying to a tweet which asked him to contest from Andhra Pradesh in the next election, he replied, “Thanks, but 2024 is far away.” When a similar request was made by another fan from Tamil Nadu, Mr Rama Rao said that Tamil Nadu already has too many leaders.

When asked who would be the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr Rama Rao made light of it and said, “One of the MLAs from Andhra Pradesh, I think.”

One netizen asked him, “Do you really think Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy is fit to be the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh?”

“Let the people of Andhra Pradesh decide that. How does my opinion matter?” Mr Rama Rao tweeted in response.

Responding to a question pertaining to the establishment of the turmeric board in Nizamabad, he said that the TRS will soon strive for the turmeric board in Delhi with hopefully a friendlier new dispensation.

Responding to a question about the parliamentary election results, Mr Rama Rao said, “I believe we will win 16 Lok Sabha seats.”

In response to a tweet pertaining to the development plans for the coming five years, he said, “We aim to complete the irrigation projects, improve health and education standards, and upgrade the urban and rural infrastructure.”

Several netizens asked Mr Rama Rao if he had watched Avengers: Endgame yet. Mr Rama Rao said that he knows nothing about Avengers.

A netizen asked him to comment on Mr Modi’s interview with Akshay Kumar. “I did not watch the whole thing but I liked Akshay’s pink trousers,” Mr Rao tweeted back humorously.

Commenting on the corruption in municipal offices, he said, “We are going to make a sincere attempt by way of the new municipal act.”

On resolving water issues in South Telangana, Mr Rama Rao said, “Palamuru lift irrigation project is our top priority. It will help irrigate parched areas of Mahbubnagar, Ranga Reddy, and parts of Nalgonda.”

Another netizen asked, “Sir, how does it feel when people, sometimes even from other states, reach out to you about their problems, especially since you’re not part of the government?”

“I feel responsible as a public representative belonging to the party that is running the government,” Mr Rao replied.

To a tweeter who said he had tweeted to him over a hundred times already, but has received no reply, and who threatened that if he failed to respond to this one, he would swear at Nara Lokesh, Mr Rama Rao said, “Brother, why are you dragging Lokesh in our conversation?”

In another hilarious tweet, a netizen told Mr Rama Rao that he would keep drinking beer until he received a response from him, even if that were to kill him.

While interacting with netizens during the #AskKTR session on Twitter, he chose to clarify matters pertaining to the Intermediate examination results.

Opposition parties have alleged that Globarena, the firm that had bagged the Rs 4.3 crore contract for three years starting 2018, had close links with Mr Rama Rao.

One netizen asked Mr Rama Rao in a tweet, “Do you think that it is right on your part to interfere in the government’s activities despite the fact that you don’t hold any constitutional post? Why do collectors tag you in the achievements of the government? Are you acting like an extraconstitutional autho-rity? Also, your name figures with Globarena. Any comment?” Mr Rama Rao replied, “I am an elected public representative and can request officers to look into people’s issues. Why should anyone have a problem with that?

“Now, about this entity called Globarena, I had not the slightest clue of them until I heard about them only recently after the intermediate results debacle.”

When another netizen @Imsiddu3 asked him to come clean on the allegation, Mr Rama Rao replied, “I’ll say absolutely rubbish.”/“It’s absolute rubbish.”

Responding to a flood of tweets concerning the ongoing Intermediate results controversy, Mr Rama Rao said, “I was just as taken aback as everyone else in the state. What has happened is truly unfortunate. Now that the committee appointed by the Telangana government has submitted its report, action should be taken.”

In another tweet regarding the same issue, Mr Rama Rao said, “What has happened is tragic and those that are responsible for it should be punished. Even I’m a parent and I can understand the pain of those who have lost their children.”

Mr Rama Rao was fairly candid and witty with his responses during his two-hour session with the Twitterati as he shared his thoughts on national politics and parties and even spoke about his future plans to develop the state

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad