Rachakonda police pad up for IPL show

Cellphones to be screened; She teams in full gear.

Hyderabad: Rachakonda police has made elaborate security arrangements for the IPL-XII editions T-20 cricket matches to be held from March 29 to April 29 at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium at Uppal.

There are seven IPL matches scheduled during the one-month period in the stadium which has approximately 38,000 seating capacity.

Speaking about the security arrangements, Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh M. Bhagwat said, “Effective bandobast arrangements have been made in coordination with various wings of the police department. In order to avoid any untoward incidents during the match day, a series of unprecedented measures have ben taken up at the Uppal cricket stadium. As many as 2,300 police personnel, about 225 from traffic, from law and order, four CAR special parties, two units of Octopus, armed forces — will be on watch for the match.

“Separate SHE teams have been established to control sexual harassment of women and cheer girls.”

In and around the stadium, 300 CCTV cameras are being installed including at vehicle check points and parking places to cover the entire area.

A joint command and control room is also established on the south side opposite G-6 box to monitor all CCTV footages for taking immediate action.

Mr Bhagwat added that anti-sabotage checks with the help of bomb disposal teams will continue round-the- clock until the matches are completed.

Separate teams are being deployed for checking the movements of antisocial elements. Separate SOT teams are formed for catching black ticket sellers and their agents. Mobile technicians at each gate will be checking spectators’ mobile phones. Separate vendor supervising teams are established to control vendors and their rates as prescribed by the authorities.

Speaking about safety measures taken up by Rachakonda police, Mahesh Bhagwat said, “We have increased the number of ambulances from 3 to 8 for immediate medical service to spectators. The number of fire engines has been increased from 4 to 5 to curtail fire incidents. Scanners installed at the stadium will allow police and other security personnel to detect explosives and other prohibited material inside the venue.”

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