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TRS declares Rs 301 crore assets

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Published on: January 29, 2022 | Updated on: January 29, 2022

Telugu Desam stood fourth with assets worth Rs 188 crore and the YSRC has Rs 143 crore assets

Telangana Rashtra Samiti emblem.

Telangana Rashtra Samiti emblem.

HYDERABAD: The TRS is the second richest regional party in India with assets of Rs 301 crore. The Telugu Desam stood fourth with assets worth Rs 188 crore and the YSRC has Rs 143 crore assets.

These details were contained in a report released by the election reforms advocacy group Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) on Friday. The data was  based on the income-tax returns filed by the political parties for 2019-2020.

The assets fall under six major heads: fixed assets, loans and advances, FDR/ deposits, TDS, investments and others, according to ADR.

Among the 44 regional political parties, the assets of the top 10 parties are worth Rs 2028.715 crore. The highest assets among regional parties were declared by Samajwadi Party (SP) worth at Rs 563.47 crore, followed by the TRS Rs 301.47 crore and the AIADMK Rs 267.61 crore.

The TD declared the highest total liabilities of Rs 30.342 crore followed by the DMK that declared Rs 8.05 crore. The TRS has Rs 4.41 crore liabilities.

The regional parties also declared their capital and reserve funds. The TRS has Rs 297.06 crore, the TD has Rs 157.84 crore, and the YSRCP has Rs 143.31 crore.

It was also found that the national and regional parties failed to adhere to the ICAI guidelines that direct parties to declare details of financial institutions, banks or agencies from whom loans were taken. The guidelines specify that the parties should state the "terms of repayment of term loans" on the basis of due date such as a year, 1-5 years or payable after five years.

Among the national parties, the BJP declared assets worth Rs 4,847.78 crore, the highest among all political parties, followed by the BSP at Rs 698.33 crore and the Congress at Rs 588.16 crore, according to ADR.

The assets declared by the seven national parties totalled Rs 6,988.57 crore and 44 regional parties, Rs 2,129.38 crore.

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