Coonoor: Why German Shepherds are global attraction

Nearly 200 families in the Nilgiris are making a livelihood by breeding German Shepherd'.

Coonoor: “I am your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are my life, my leader. I will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of my life - I am the German Shepherd” - this old quote on German Shepherd dog amply indicates why this breed is a global attraction.

Of course, the seventh German Shepherd specialty show of the Nilgiris chapter of the German Shepherd Dog Confederation (GSDC) of India held at St. Antony’s higher secondary school ground here at Coonoor on Sunday amply showcased why this is a much sought after dog breed in the country.

Stating that German Shepherd is for love, care , company, speed, guard and breed, Mr. S.T. Lajapathie, president of the Nilgiris chapter of the GSDC asserted that next to Germany it is the Nilgiris, especially Ooty, which is good to breed and groom German Shepherd in a best possible way as the weather here does the magic for bringing up good and export quality German Shepherd breed.

“Nearly 200 families in the Nilgiris are making a livelihood by breeding ‘German Shepherd’. Pedigree line is very important to sell the puppies for a lucrative price. A puppy with established quality blood-line fetches very good price in the market. The German shepherd is very intelligent, energetic breed as it begins to learn the commands by about six months of age and obey its trainers. This breed is also very good in sniffing. Nearly 90 German Shepherd dogs turned up for this year’s specialty show,” he added.

C.E. Jayan from Coimbatore, whose dog won the first prize in the 18-24 months old category, said that ‘German Shepherd’ is very powerful dog with majestic appearance. “It is so intelligent that it clearly distinguishes between its master and handler,” he added.

P. Manigandan, a local breeder, said that the varieties in ‘German Shepherd’ breed are based on lineage, imported, bred in India and show quality. A local bred puppy normally uses to fetch around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. But, good pedigree lines fetches more than Rs 60,000.

“Grow a ‘German Shepherd’ and feel the difference,” he added.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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