Engineers in demand abroad

Engineers are in great demand in Australia, Canada, Europe and the US.

Hyderabad: The number of Indian students who went to the US for UG and PG courses in 2016-17 was 1, 26,876, while it was 1,21,152 the previous year.

Engineers are in great demand in Australia, Canada, Europe and the US. The most sought after are electrical, electronics, mechanical and civil streams. A few niche courses like aerospace, mining and nuclear are also in demand.

Global Tree director Subhakar Alapati said, “There is no specific statistics to determine the number of engineers going abroad every year, but they are one of the largest group going for studies. If we include computer science and IT engineers also, they constitute more than 50 per cent of students going abroad every year. Computer science and IT engineers are the highest of the lot.’’

“If we include CS and IT in the engineering domain, more than 60 per cent prefer to go for these courses. Management and finance and accounting courses are preferred by 20 per cent and the rest of the courses and domains constitute 20 per cent. There is also a strong reason for preferring the engineering and IT domain as most of the local students there in the college-level prefer management, arts and other courses for their studies,” he said.

Subhakar added that only 20 per cent of the students abroad took up engineering or IT programmes. That gave Indian students a lot of opportunity. As these countries are technically very advanced and had lot of opportunities, Indian engineers got the advantage in work and research and the salaries are also high compared to other career courses.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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