Forget ISC, get on with studies: Osmania University V-C S Ramachandram

S. Ramachandram appealed to students, faculty and staff to remain focused on academics.

Hyderabad: Osmania University Vice-Chancellor S. Ramachandram appealed to students, faculty and staff to remain focused on academics and put behind the postponement of the 105th Indian Science Congress. In an official statement, he said, “That the Univers-ity has been preparing to conduct the Science Congress with utmost sincerity and had galvanised the entire teaching and non-teaching community to host the event. Preparations were in an advanced stage and we could have conducted the event without any glitches.”

He thanked the staff and students for their unstinted support to the university administration in its century-long sojourn and for preparations to conduct of the congress. Its postponement, undoubtedly, came as a setback and a disappointment, he said. “The university traversed a long way and has been ranked on the top both nationally and internationally and has weathered such setbacks,” he added.

Its march towards academic reforms and research excellence would continue with greater determination and it would not be deterred by such “uneven-tful” happenings. Prof Ramachandram also appealed to the media to not believe rumours and exercise restraint wh-ile covering news about the university. Unconfir-med messages about the university were being circulated, causing confusi-on among students and denting the varsity image. He appealed to administrators of WhatsApp groups to check the credibility and ascertain the veracity of the information before posting them.

ABVP calls bandh today:

The ABVP has called for a bandh of universities to protest the Indian Science Congress being handed over to Manipur. ABVP city secretary J. Dileep said, “Due to the inefficiency of the Vice-Chancellor and Registar, OU is losing its image. Because of their ineffiency the Indian Science was Congress shifted to Manipur University’’.

Vice-Chancellor has not quit, clarifies OU:

Tension prevailed in Osmania University after the executive committee mee-ting of the Indian Science Congress Association on Wednesday decided to shift the venue of the Indian Science Congress from OU to Manipur University in Imphal and postposted the date of the Congress to March 2018. The university clarified that rumours that the two officials had resigned were false. Javvaji Dileep, ABVP secretary, Hyderabad, said, “We strongly condemn the shifting of the ISC from OU; we lost the ISC only because of the negligence of the government and university officials. We demand the ISC be held in OU itself.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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