AIG Hospitals conducts first International Diabetes and Metabolic Summit

Hyderabad: During the first International Diabetes and Metabolic Summit (IDMS) conducted by AIG Hospitals, doctors raised concerns over the growing twin epidemics of diabetes and obesity, with an estimated 30 million people at risk in India.

Prominent gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, physicians, bariatric surgeons, hepatologists, and nutritionists discussed and deliberated on effective strategies for managing patients suffering from ‘diabesity’ – a portmanteau word encompassing diabetes and obesity.

Integrated care for diabesity, innovations in endobariatric procedures, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, nutritional strategies and patient-centric care were some of the major topics of discussion in the conference.

Dr D. Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals, highlighted the significance of this initiative by stating, "We know that obesity can lead to various complications like cardiovascular diseases, liver disorders, sleep apnea, renal disorders but most importantly when obesity is in combination with diabetes, it becomes all the more concerning.”

Dr Nageshwar Reddy said that diabesity has emerged as a major public health challenge in India, with approximately 30 million people affected by interrelated conditions.

“Recognising the need for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, we have organised a first-of-its-kind medical conference to address this dual epidemic. This conference served as a platform for experts to collaborate, share knowledge, and work together towards finding innovative solutions to diabesity," Dr Nageshwar Reddy said

Dr Rakesh Kalapala, director, Centre for Obesity and Metabolic Therapy, AIG Hospitals elaborated on the second novel endoscopic procedure that combines the bariatric reduction system (BARS) with pouchoplasty in a patient experiencing weight regain after bariatric surgery.

Dr Barham Abu Dayyah (GI endoscopist), Mayo Clinic, USA; Dr Ivo Boskoski (gastroenterologist), University of Rome, Italy; Dr Reginald Bell (foregut surgeon), president, American Foregut Society, USA; Dr Vincent Huberty (GI endoscopist), Universitaires de Bruxelles, Belgium; and Dr C.K. Huang (bariatric surgeon), University Hospital, Taiwan, were the keynote speakers at the conference.

Experts demonstrated live procedures, showcasing cutting-edge medical techniques in the fields of endobariatrics, bariatric surgery, and endohepatology.

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