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Bengaluru: English medium in government schools a big hit

Published Aug 28, 2019, 2:45 am IST
Updated Aug 28, 2019, 3:11 am IST
As expected, these schools are more popular in urban pockets like towns and hobli headquarters, than in rural parts.
H.D. Kumaraswamy  (Photo: PTI)
 H.D. Kumaraswamy (Photo: PTI)

Bengaluru: The newly-introduced English medium sections in 1,000 government schools from Class 1 from this academic year have received an overwhelming response from students and parents across the state.

As expected, these schools are more popular in urban pockets like towns and hobli headquarters, than in rural parts. In all, 26,156 students have enrolled in these schools this academic year, and interestingly, half of all of them are from in and around Bengaluru.  The state government introduced the scheme in 276 Karnataka Public Schools (KPS) in hobli headquarters and another 724 government primary schools to encourage students to join government schools and to study in English medium to make them compete with other students in the technology-driven competitive world.


Ahead of implementing the new move, the government upgraded several schools in urban-centric areas like cities, towns and hobli headquarters. Also, Karnataka Public Schools were provided adequate staff and infrastructure to attract students. The previous government, led by Mr H.D. Kumaraswamy, braved opposition and shrugged off criticism from various Kannada litterateurs to start the scheme, which was also aimed at increasing student enrolments in government schools that were dipping over the last many years. The scheme proved popular and all the seats that were on offer, 30 per school, were lapped up in no time. When the admissions ope ned, the schools were flooded with applications.     


The government started English medium schools in all the 224 Assembly segments after identifying the institutions that had the required infrastructure and teachers. Measures have also been taken to promote Kannada in English medium schools.

The scheme has become so popular that villagers from neighbouring areas have been pressuring DPI officials to offer the scheme at the existing schools or to start new schools in their villages.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru