Mamata Banerjee mental health 'not stable', should leave Hinduism: BJP minister

Addressing TMC rally in Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee alleged that members from BJP and RSS are 'playing dirty games' in name of religion.

Alwar: Kicking off a fresh war of words, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) minister in Rajasthan, Jaswant Singh Yadav, termed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee a mentally unstable person.

While reacting to Mamata Banerjee's recent statement on right-wing organisations, Yadav, who is the Labour Minister in Rajasthan government, said: "Someone who does not have any knowledge, or love for the nation, what more a shameless statement Mamata Ji (Mamata Banerjee) could have given than, 'all Hindu organisations are extremists.' Why doesn't she leave the Hindu religion then? Mamata Ji's mental condition is not stable." (Jisko khud ko gyaan nahi, desh se prem nahi, isse zyada besharam statement Mamata ji ka kya hoga ki 'jitne Hindu sangathan hain woh saare ugrawadi hain'. Toh chhor de Hindu dharam. Mamata ji ki maansik sthiti theek nahi hai).

Mamata Banerjee on July 21 while addressing a Trinamool Congress (TMC) annual mega rally in Kolkata had said: "The way lynching is taking place across India, they are creating Talibanis among people and pushing people into a pit of extremism."

She also alleged that a couple of members from the BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) are "playing dirty games" in the name of religion.

While saying that he does not endorse lynching and violence, Yadav added that caution has to be maintained by people to refrain from hurting religious sentiments.

"We are still saying that people taking the law into their hands, and beating anyone is unlawful and wrong. But, the cow is a symbol for Hindus and if these illegal businesses do not stop, these reactions will continue. No government or any other organisation can put an end to it," Yadav said while reacting to the Alwar lynching incident.

( Source : ANI )
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