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Two on bike drop Rs 1.56 crore in bags on road after being chased by poli

Published May 28, 2019, 5:59 am IST
Updated May 28, 2019, 5:59 am IST
Police chase them sensing something suspicious.
Money confirmed stolen from house in Saidapet.
 Money confirmed stolen from house in Saidapet.

Chennai: The Kotturpuram police registered an interesting case on Monday after two men on bike, while being chased by a patrol car, dropped three bags of hard cash amounting to Rs 1.56 crore on the road. It turned out to be properly accounted cash robbed from the house of a businessman.

 According to police, a patrol car in the Varatharajapuram area of Kotturpuram in the wee hours of Monday spotted two men on a motorbike with heavy looking bags in a suspicious manner. Having seen them three times already, the appeared fourth time at around 2.30am on Monday. When police tried to stop them on Lock street, the riders took a U-turn and sped away


When signalled to stop, the bikers tried to flee and the patrol car took up the chase. After a good distance, the bike-borne men ran over a speed breaker and one of the two travel bags fell on the road. To get away from the police, he threw away the other two bags as well and sped from the spot. The police opened the bags and found stacks of cash in ` 500 denominations. The cash amounted to ` 1,56,61,560.

As the amount of money that had just dropped into their laps was too big, the policemen decided to trace the bikers later through CCTV footages and took the money to the government treasury after registering a case.


 Later, two special teams were formed and the CCTV footages were collected.  They tried to spot from where the bikers had come and traced them to a house in Nandanam. When the police got to the house from where they seemed to have started, they found a window of the ground floor house broken open.

 Meanwhile, at around 9 am on Monday,  a complaint was lodged at the Saidapet police station that the house of  Balasubramaniam, a businessman was burgled and around ` 1.56 crore was stolen.

The police confirmed the money was stolen from the house.  


"His house is located on the Sixth Street, Nandanam extension. While he was out of town, his daughter stays on the first floor of the house. On Monday morning, a maid who came to clean the house found things scattered around in a room and the window of the room was broken," said a police officer

Balasubramanian, a realtor, has an office in Spencer Plaza. police said, He had reportedly sold a property recently for around Rs 5 crores. After leaving Rs 2 crores in the bank, he had left the remaining amount at the house. After further search, they found that around Rs 17 lakh and 30 sovereigns of gold ornaments, kept in another room, were also stolen.


The case has been updated as an incident of theft and investigations are on. Police are checking out if someone working in the house was behind the theft.