Karnataka: 3 Cubbon Park gates to slam shut for traffic

The ban is only for vehicles, allowing walkers to enjoy the serenity of the 200 acre park.

Bengaluru: When Union Minister Prakash Javadekar visited Cubbon Park two years ago, walkers and nature lovers expressed their dissatisfaction against heavy vehicle movement depriving them of their lung space. Very soon, their demands will be met, with three gates of Cubbon Park soon closing to traffic.

" Justice Saldanha and I previously spoke with Mr. Javadekar in 2015 about closing of some gates, banning traffic permanently. This is essential so the environment isn’t get affected. The Minister discussed it with the Karnataka Government as well. It will become a reality in the next 15 days. We hope other gates will follow suit in the coming years," said Umesh Kumar, President of Cubbon Park Walker's Assosciation.

“We want the same rules that exist for Lalbagh to be followed here too. No pollution, disturbance, vehicle movement is allowed in Lalbagh garden for a reason. The same applies to all parks,” Umesh insisted, applauding the Horticulture officials for finally putting their foot down.

Mahantesh Murgod, Deputy Director of Cubbon Park Horticulture Department confirmed that the officials have sent a proposal to higher-ups like the Principal Secretary, Commissioner PC Ray, Traffic Commissioner and others.

"Pollution within Cubbon Park has gotten worse over the last few months. We have proposed banning of vehicles, at Bal Bhavan gate, Hudson Circle Gate and Century Club gate and are awaiting the State's order. The rest of the gates will be open to traffic,' Mr. Murgod said.

The ban is only for vehicles, allowing walkers to enjoy the serenity of the 200 acre park. In April this year, opening up of all the park's inroads due to Nruptanga Road repair caused the death of bats, pigeons and other migrant birds. Apart from air pollution, high decibel traffic noise hindered the sonar ability of bats to hunt for prey.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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