Thanjavur: Fighter dog saves master from cobra bite, dies

Moving tale of canine loyalty, bravery near Thanjavur.

Thanjavur: Dogs are known for their gratitude and loyalty. ‘Puppy’— a dog reared by Nadarajan (50), a farmer of Vengarayankudikadu near Thanjavur, proved its loyalty by saving Nadarajan from a deadly cobra which was about to bite Nadarajan on Friday.

Nadarajan and his family loved their pet dog Puppy so much that they used to offer him chair to sit both inside and outside the house. They brought it up with affection to which the dog also showed its loyalty and love. On Friday, when Nadarajan went to his garden, puppy also followed him. A five-ft cobra which sneaked out of a bush came menacingly towards Nadarajan, who stood still taken aback. The hissing snake tried to bite Nadarajan.

On noticing the cobra, his puppy pounced upon the snake and bit it. The cobra tried to escape. But the dog did not leave it, chased it and bit it to death.

Meanwhile, Nadarajan ran to his house and brought a log of wood to beat the snake. But before that, his puppy killed the snake.

Overwhelmed by the loyalty of his dog which risked its life to save the owner, Nadarajan hugged the dog and took it to his house. He was proudly telling how his pet saved him. But after a few minutes, the puppy also died as it was stung by the snake.

A sad family of Nadarajan buried both the dog and the snake. “But the valour and love with which puppy saved me linger in my mind,” Nadarajan bemoaned.

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