Medicos moving to Hyderabad ‘illegally’

Due to the transfer, the hands at their respective colleges have reduced.

Hyderabad: Illegal transfers from the medical colleges in the district to the medical colleges in the city are on the rise as medical students want access to coaching centers in order to be able to clear their post graduate medical entrance examinations. For this reason, Gandhi and Osmania medical colleges are preferred as they also enable students to escape hospital duty. Due to the transfer, the hands at their respective colleges have reduced

“Students whose colleges are situated outside Hyderabad can apply for a transfer of their internship for genuine reasons like health issues, etc. However, for a few years now, internships are being given only to the students from the colleges situated in and around Hyderabad. On what basis, though, is a mystery,” says TJUDA president Dr P.S. Vijayender Goud.

Elaborating on the possible reasons for the increasing number of transfers, Dr Goud said, “Students seek quality coaching for the PG entrance exams as the demand for PG courses has been on the rise. Students find it convenient to do an internship at Osmania or Gandhi as that allows them the privilege of attending nearby coaching centres. Besides, students can also manage to get through their internships without having to pay bribes, and have their night duty attendance marked too! Also, it is much easier to learn more in government hospitals as the number of patients in government hospitals is greater than in private hospitals.”

He further demanded that the illegal transfer of internships should be stopped immediately as it is affecting the learning atmosphere for the interns at government medical colleges.

Illegal transfers can lead to unfair means of acquiring certificates and therefore, cause a reduction in the quality of medical education which can become a public health threat.

A professor in a medical college Dr S. Vijay Mohan said, “There are no proper regulations pertaining to the transfer of internships. Most students want to come back to the city either because their parents live in the city or for coaching purposes.”

The one-year Housemanship is a blessing for MBBS students, and they must make the most of it to get hands-on experience. Unfortunately, students are not attending the one-year course diligently. Dr S. Vijay Mohan said, “Unfortunately, even hospital and college authorities are indulging in bribery against proxy attendance for students. Strict rules need to be implemented during the Housemanship the internship process needs to be streamlined and the quota system must also be implemented.”

If a large number of MBBS students move from districts to cities to complete their Housemanship, then the facilities at the district level will naturally suffer and the quality of treatment will also deteriorate.

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