Bengaluru advocates file bail application for three Kashmiri students

The advocates were menaced by local lawyers who did not want the students to be defended

Hubballi: Amidst high security, three advocates from Bengaluru moved a bail application on behalf of three Kashmiri students who are facing sedition charges for making a pro-Pakistan video.

The three Bengaluru advocates were provided tight security by the police of two districts, Hubballi-Dharwad and Belagavi, tp prevent the kind of trouble witnessed when they tried to move a bail application on February 24. Their car was stoned by local lawyers who do not want the three men to be given legal assistance.

The three advocates from Bengaluru reached the Dharwad principal district and sessions court during lunch hour. As hundreds of local lawyers had massed menacingly at the courthouse, they went in by the back door to submit a bail plea to the court’s administrative officer in the absence of the judge.

Supporters of the BJP and pro-Hindu organisations shouted ‘go back’ slogans against the Bengaluru advocates.

More than 500 police personnel from the KSRP and two Central Armed Reserve platoons were deployed at the court premises and bystanders were kept out beyond 100 m of the district court.
The Bengaluru advocates had approached the High Court seeking security for them after the February 24 attack on them in Dharwad. The High Court asked Hubballi-Dharwad police commissioner R Dilip to provide total security for the advocates to reach the court.
Earlier in the morning, the Bengaluru advocates visited the Hindalaga jail in Belagavi to meet the three students -- Ameer, Basit and Talib – to obtain their signatures on the bail application.

The three students were shifted to the Hindalaga central prison from Hubballi after an irate mob threw slippers and shoes on them while they were being producing in court. The Hubballi court had remanded the trio in judicial custody until March 2.

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