Study Covid-hit kids, experts urge govt

Doctors emphasise need for access to info, prepare for eventualities

HYDERABAD: Leading pediatricians from the city are urging the state government to conduct a detailed study on Covid-19 cases among children and share the information with all medical practitioners and parents.

They have cautioned the government that the future of the nation would be at stake if the health of children is neglected as the third wave has affected many under-18-year-olds. They opine that although most of them are not required to be admitted in hospitals, it is essential to control future complications among infected children.

Towards addressing this, the health department should conduct a thorough scientific study and share the findings with the medical fraternity and parents so that they can act accordingly.

According to specialists, some children who were infected in the second wave have been diagnosed with either heart ailments or a multi inflammatory system (MISC).

According to pediatric Covid-19 care specialist Dr Karuna Madap, most of the children affected with the virus in the third wave were from families in which elders had tested positive. Because the infections were not severe, 98 per cent of them did not require hospital admissions. Government should mandate tests on children with mild symptoms, she said.

Dr Nageshwara Rao Koneti, pediatric cardiologist at Rainbow Heart Institute, said “we have been living with the pandemic for two years but there have been no studies so far. The Union and state governments should conduct scientific studies in this regard.”

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