Ramalinga Reddy: Don't file IPC section for traffic violations in Bengaluru

Cops should act tough against attackers.

Bengaluru: The Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy on Saturday instructed the city traffic police to avoid clamping IPC Section 283 (danger or obstruction in public way or line of navigation) in drunk driving, accident and similar cases to bring down the number of crimes under IPC. In a review meeting convened by Mr Reddy, participated by the Law and Order and Traffic inspectors, ACPs, DCPs , Additional Commissioners and the Commissioner, the traffic cops were told that bringing in the IPC section for traffic obstruction would only raise the crime rate.

"The obstruction in traffic movement can be resolved by the traffic police to an extent. Avoid clamping of IPC Section 283 in such cases, unless it is necessary," he said. He said that repeated assaults on police personnel will send a wrong

message to society and men in khakis should act strict against attackers and open fire if necessary. He told policemen to deal with rowdies and anti-social elements with an iron hand and keep a tight vigil in sensitive areas to avoid any untoward incidents ahead of elections.

He was furious over repeated assaults on police personnel since the start of January. So far, six incidents of assault on police personnel have been reported in the city where cops were injured and hospitalised. On miscreants snatching a service rifle from a constable recently, he warned the policemen that it should not happen again. "It is shocking that miscreants dared to snatch a service rifle from an on-duty constable. If this continues, miscreants won't fear policemen. Act stiff against such people so that others learn a lesson from it," he said.

‘Keep an eye on transgenders’
Telling police officers to put an end to beggary, Mr Reddy pointed out to the eunuch menace at traffic signals and how they were involved in prostitution and robbery. "It's your (police officers') duty to ensure that there are no beggars on streets. Many eunuchs who beg at signals indulge in prostitution and robbery. The police should take strict action against them," he said. He instructed police officers to regulate bar and restaurant timings and shut down those operating beyond the stipulated time.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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