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Chill weather attracts many to Adilabad; migratory birds too

Published Dec 28, 2020, 4:57 am IST
Updated Dec 28, 2020, 4:57 am IST
Fog covers Palsi village of Talamadugu mandal of Adilabid district early on Sunday morning
 Fog covers Palsi village of Talamadugu mandal of Adilabid district early on Sunday morning

ADILABAD: The chill weather in interior areas and foggy conditions are attracting many visitors to the Adilabad region. Temperatures hover between 4 and 7 degree C this season. The elderly were seen warming themselves with bonfire while the young and the middle-aged too are enjoying the weather.      

The temperatures fell low in areas close to the forests and where there are water bodies. The mandals of Kerameri and Thalamadugu are getting colder. Nature-lovers are thronging the Kerameri ghats in Komaram Bheem in Asifabad district and the Mahaboob ghats in Nirmal district as also the Khandala and Palsi (K) ghats in Adilabad. Many youths are seen enjoying the beauty of nature in the early morning hours.

The lowest temperatures are recorded in Palsi(B) and Palsi(K) as also Kosai village in Thalamadugu mandal and Arli (T) in Bheempur mandal located on the banks of River Penganga in Adilabad.

Vehicle movement is affected by the foggy conditions in the forest areas in the morning hours. The air is clear by 7.30am. The temperatures keep falling from the sunset hour. The chilling weather conditions and water bodies are attracting migratory birds to rural Adilabad.

Rajender of Adilabad is enthused at the chill that has set in on these areas. This, he said, is a good time for youths as also the middle-aged, but the elderly and children would do well to care more for their health and stir out less.

Location: India, Telangana, Adilabad


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