Madras Crocodile Bank to get a makeover

The komodo dragons and a massive crocodile will now be housed in the park entrance as special display.

Chennai: Madras Crocodile Bank, the largest zoo for reptiles in Asia, is all set to undergo a makeover by next year with new glass enclosures and exhibits for the new species it has acquired.

The komodo dragons and a massive crocodile will now be housed in the park entrance as special display and the park is planning for artificial insemination of a few rare crocodile species, said MCB park authorities.

MCB, an internationally acclaimed centre for herpetology, has completed 40 years of insitu conservation and has released crocodiles back in to wild and now the park is moving close towards the concept of interactive conservation, said naturalist Yamini Bhaskar, assistant director, Madras Crocodile Bank.

Komodos are rare and gorgeous predators on earth and they will be an instant hit with the visitors. “We are looking for corporate sponsors to ensure that the dragons are meted out the best habitat and so that a lively ambience is provided to our visitors,” she said.

When asked about the expansion and other breeding projects, Yamini said the park is a home to 17 crocodile species and there are efforts to bring in the remaining other six species including Chinese alligators, Orinoco, New Guinea and Australian fresh water crocodiles. There are also proposals to breed the Tomistoma Schlegelii (also called as false gharials) through artificial insemination.

“New volunteers and young biologists have been roped to make the park an interesting interactive place for kids,” said C.V. Arul of Madras Crocodile Bank Trust. “One of our long pending dream project is to find a breeding mate for Jaws 3 and this also needs a lot of research and funding as the crocodile weighs more than half a ton,” reveals seasoned animal keeper Munusamy of MCB.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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