60-foot master plan road to ease traffic congestion in Tirupati

Commencement of road construction saw property values double in these areas

Tirupati: The Municipal Corporation of Tirupati (MCT) will inaugurate a new 60-feet master plan road connecting the Postal Colony on Renigunta Road and the Padmavathi Puram main road, linked to the Tiruchanoor Road, in the first week of November.

With a view to enhancing internal road connectivity and infrastructure in Tirupati, MCT has allocated Rs 8.31 crore from its general funds to erect this 1.5-km road.

“This is expected to play a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion around the bustling Ramanuja circle. This new road is one of the 18 master plan roads that the MCT would develop so as to expand internal road networks in the city.

MCT has been investing over Rs 60 crore in developing connectivity roads and widening the existing internal roads in addition to these 18 master plan roads.

Several of these master plan road projects were proposed a decade ago but they failed to materialise due to a lack of political will and commitment. However, the new MCT council passed a resolution last year to execute the master plan road projects and ensure their completion by the end of 2023.

Deputy Mayor Bhumana Abhinay Reddy expressed confidence that these new roads will not only enhance construction and real estate activities across 3,500 acres of land in the city but also have a positive impact on the city's economy.

Speaking about the impact of these master plan roads on underutilised land in the city, the deputy mayor said, "The master plan roads will unlock previously unused land on the east and south sides, which are primarily acquired by lower-middle-income groups.”

They have remained unused due to limited road access. However, with the commencement of road construction, property values in these areas have doubled."

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