Tungabhadra facing acute water shortage in Anantapur

Official says rain deficit is seen in Agumbe Ghat section.

Anantapur: A peculiar situation prevails in Krishna basin as Srisailam reservoir is about to get filled to brim due to heavy inflows, while Tungabhadra (TB) reservoir faces acute shortage. Last year, TB reservoir recorded 72.78 tmc ft of water, but only 42.18 tmc ft is available in the present season.

The TB reservoir capacity is 100.86 TMC ft. Only 5,248 cusec of inflows was witnessed on Monday with just 211 cusec outflows from the reservoir.

Tungabhadra, main source of water for Ray-alaseema region, in particular Anantapur and Kurnool districts and also part of Kadapa, would face acute shortage throughout the year, a senior engineer from the reservoir observed.

“Maximum diversion of Krishna water from Handri Neeva Sujala Shravanthi can save crops and drinking water projects,” the authorities informed the government and also opined to pump at least 10 tmc ft of water following heavy flows into Srisailam.

Though heavy rain was witnessed in Karnataka, rain deficit was seen at Agumbe Ghat section in western parts of Karnataka, irrigation expert K. Sharma from Anantapur said.

The Cauvery basin and Tungabhadra catchment area were the worst hit during the present season, he said.

The Tungabhadra reservoir board authorities said heavy inflows could be possible for one week if flash floods are reported at the Agumbe area.
On Monday, Srisailam reservoir had touched about 881 ft level as against 885 ft.
Water level reached 190 tmc ft following constant inflows of about 1.40 lakh cusec from Jurala and other sources.

The reservoir authorities released 77,000 cusec of water towards downstream along with activating power generation at all units.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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