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Dana Kishore shifted for non-performance

Deccan Chronicle| Kaniza Garari

Published on: August 26, 2019 | Updated on: August 26, 2019

Lokesh Kumar replaces Dana Kishore.

M. Dana Kishore.

M. Dana Kishore.

Hyderabad: Mr M. Dana Kishore was abruptly transferred as commissioner of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation on Monday after about a year in the post. He has been replaced by Ranga Reddy collector Lokesh Kumar.

Under-performance, non-completion of projects like the two bedroom housing scheme, lack of progress on nala widening and the Strategic Road Development Programme as well as a cold war with elected representatives are being stated as the reasons for the abrupt transfer of Mr Kishore.

He continues as managing director of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

The sudden transfer became a topic of discussion in IAS circles as Mr Kishore was picked up last year reportedly on caste considerations and is now being dropped as his performance is facing severe criticism from all quarters.

A senior official said, "The handling of the road situation in terms of repairs and potholes was not up to the mark and the state government was not very happy. The other projects in the city are also not going forward as the files are not moving from one department to another."

Others said that handling two big positions took a toll on Mr Kishore as it is a Herculean task to manage both the municipal corporation and the sewerage and water board. Sources state both the civic bodies were suffering as there was no proper direction and channelisation of resources.

But political circles were abuzz that the change was being made amid speculation that the GHMC elections will be advanced to December this year.

The move is being seen as an attempt to consolidate the vote bank during the process of elections.

With Mr Lokesh Kumar being appointed GHMC commissioner. Mr S. Harish, joint collector, has been given additional charge of Ranga Reddy district.

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