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Khushbu is Nakhat on Twitter

Published Apr 27, 2018, 4:41 am IST
Updated Apr 27, 2018, 4:41 am IST
Khushbu, who has 1.15 million followers, has been expressing her view, including her political opinion, in her twitter.
Khushbu Sundar
 Khushbu Sundar

Chennai: Congress spokesperson Khushbu Sundar has changed her name on twitter into 'Nakhat Khan' saying that she has done so to enrage BJP's online bullies critics, who have been accusing her of hiding her Muslim identity. Now her twitter id read as - khushbusundar..and it's Nakhat Khan for the BJP. @khushsundar.

Khushbu, who has 1.15 million followers, has been expressing her view, including her political opinion, in her twitter. A section of her followers, mostly her BJP critics, has been harassing her and trolled her for being born in Muslim community.

The actor-turned politician Khusbhu says all her official documents, her name was recorded as Khushbu alias Nakhat Khan. After marriage with Sunder C, a Kollywood film actor and director, she added Sundar in the name. “For the past 18 years, Sundar has been there. I love to add my husband's name to mine because I've always had a single name. I've never carried a surname with me so it's been Khushbu Sundar and prior to that, since I was 7 or 8 years old, it has always been Khusbhu. My family calls me Nakhat, my school friends and teachers call me Nakhat,” she said.

Nakhat, is a Persian name meaning fragrance. Most people don't understand what the word 'Nakhat' means. When I came to films, everyone asked what my name meant. Nakhat means Khusbu which is fragrance. I had to keep on explaining Nakhat means Khusbhu. Khusbhu is a very common name and it is simple for people to understand. So my parents changed my name to Khusbu when I was a child actor. I had no choice and that's how it has always been, all my life,” she added.

She said “I chose to change the name because BJP went on bickering saying that I am trying to hide my identity, my name is Nakhat Khan and I have been trying to hide it saying that my name is Khushbu Sundar. Those fools do not realise that my name has been Khushbu right from the age of seven since I was a child actor. So I've clarified it for them.”

 In a strong reply to her critics she said my identity is very simple. I am a human with red blood running in my veins. I have a sixth sense unlike the BJP that doesn't have. Now there is nothing for them. I am very proud to have my name as Nakhat Khan and I have never changed it. My name is Khusbu Sundar. And yes, my name is Nakhat. What's your problem?, she retorted.



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