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Video: Leopard injures 1, captured after 5-hour-long chase in Gurgaon

Published Apr 27, 2017, 8:52 pm IST
Updated Apr 27, 2017, 8:52 pm IST
The four-year-old male leopard was tranquillised after three to four attempts and has been kept under observation.
(Photo: videograb)
 (Photo: videograb)

Gurgaon: A leopard strayed into a residential area in Gurgaon on Thursday morning and injured a person before being captured by wildlife officials from a house, after a five-hour-long effort.

Before entering the house through the roof, the leopard injured Ajay Bhardwaj. The startled residents locked themselves in a room as the big cat hide under the stairs, wildlife officials said.


The four-year-old male leopard was tranquillised around 2:30 pm after three to four attempts. It has been kept under observation, they said.

The injured has received treatment for nail scratches, officials said.

"As soon as we were informed by the locals, a team of Gurgaon Police and wildlife officials reached the spot. They cordoned off the area to avoid any untoward incident," ACP-PRO of Gurgaon Police Manish Sehgal told PTI.

The leopard entered the area around 9:30 am, he said.

Last year, a leopard was hacked to death by angry villagers in Mandawar village here.


The wildlife officials said animals stray into human habitats due to scarcity of water in the Aravalli region.

The Gurgaon district administration and Haryana Forest Department have started to replenish water bodies and pits in the Aravalli region with tankers so that thirsty animals do not stray into residential areas.