Attempting Guinness World Record with 2,000 varieties of idlis

Iniyavan presented doctorate by American varsity for his experimentation with idlis.

Chennai: As an ordinary auto driver, Dr Iniyavan did not have the faintest idea that helping to transport idli batter to a cook’s home would ignite his passion for the dish and pave his way to achieving a space in the Guinness World Records as well as making him a world-renowned name.

While he is already in the Guinness Book for making the heaviest idli in the world weighing 124 kg, Iniyavan is now attempting to make over 2,000 varieties of idlis for a new record on Sunday. When asked about the varieties, Iniyavan shoots off the list breathlessly, “Thata idli, Orange idli, carrot idle, pineapple idli, chocolate idli, pizza idli…” Besides just the thrill of experimentation, the 46-year old said that he finds ways to make the idlis healthier.

The idli innovator often gets inspired by his children, “My idea for pizza idlis came after my son suddenly said that he wanted to eat pizza, so instead of taking him out I just found some leftover poriyal and make a pizza ildi and he loved it. My daughter too had some eye sight problems and the doctor suggested that she eat vegetables but she hates to, so now I mix chopped up vegetables with idli and she eats it with no fuss at all.”

Besides attempting the 2,000 varieties on Sunday, Iniyavan said that he would also be giving out tips explaining how to make the perfect fluffy idlis. “Many don’t know that replacing the water with tender coconut water can make the batter last longer and also make the idlis softer. Also, to avoid letting the batter get spoilt overnight, only the rice should be ground and the dal should be added the next day,” he explained.

Even though he has only studied up till class eight, Iniyavan was presented a doctorate from an American University for his experimentation with idlis and he wants to continue his passion for idli making, “The world is constantly changing so why can’t idlis?” he claimed.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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