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Bengaluru: Nalapad influential, could destroy evidence, says Shyam Sundar

Published Feb 27, 2018, 3:49 am IST
Updated Feb 27, 2018, 3:49 am IST
SPP Shyam Sundar argues that there is evidence to prove the accused tried to kill the victim Vidwath and even followed him to the hospital.
It's bad news for Nalapad and his friends, who are currently cooling their heels in Parappana Agrahara Central Prison.
 It's bad news for Nalapad and his friends, who are currently cooling their heels in Parappana Agrahara Central Prison.

Bengaluru: It's bad news for Nalapad and his friends, who are currently cooling their heels in Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, following the brutal attack on 24-year-old Vidvat at Farzi Cafe as the court adjourned the bail plea to Tuesday. As a result, Nalapad and his friends had to stay put in the hot house. 

Parameshwara Prasanna B, judge of 63rd City Civil and Session Court heard the arguments of both M. S. Shyam Sundar, Special Public Prosecutor and Tomy Sebastian, defence counsel appearing for Nalapad and adjourned the plea to Tuesday.


Meanwhile, Tomy Sebastian, the defence counsel strongly argued in favour of bail as the brawl took place out of a sudden provocation and he had no intention of killing anyone. The victim, 'Vidwat' is recovering well at the hospital and has been shifted out of the ICU. However, the SPP is preventing him from recording his statement before the cops, he argued and demanded that he submit the medical reports on his health condition to the court. 

Interestingly, the SPP has projected the political influence of the accused's father, N.A.  Haris. In reality, claimed Sebastian, it is Vidwat's father, an industrialist, who is powerful enough to influence the investigation at every level. Within 24 hours of the brawl, inspector of the Cubbon Park Police station and the SPP has been appointed within a week, which is unheard of, he said. 

The defence coulsel also argued that Nalapad had not made an assault with weapons or rods as claimed by the prosecutor. If he was assaulted with weapons, he argued, why wasn't it registered in the earlier police complaint? "There is no supporting evidence to prove their claims," he said. Although the accused abused the victim at hospital, they didn't assault him again. The accused surrendered to police of their own  accord. Since they don't have any intention to kill, they can be given bail, he said. 

Special public prosecutor Shyam Sundar, who objected to the claims made by the defence counsel, submitted 19 pages of supplementary objections, pleading that bail should not be granted. "Since Nalapad is influential, there are possibilities of him destroying evidence using his money and muscle power. Further, they have threatened him and a formal complaint to this regard has been lodged with the police commissioner," he stated.

Police have just made a start in the investigation and about 90% of the process is still pending. "Vidvat has sustained grave injuries and is still undergoing treatment.  He is not in a position to give his statement, which is crucial to the case." 

Equating the heinous assault with the Nirbhaya tragedy, he said the accused should not be granted bail. There is evidence to prove that the accused tried to kill Vidvat by brutally assaulting him with knuckle rings, bottles and jugs. They even followed him to the hospital with intentions to threaten and kill him" he said.

Fate of Farzi Cafe hangs in balance
Bengaluru: Farzi Cafe, the scene of the fateful clash between Vidwat and Mohammed Nalapad Haris, has remained closed since the night of the incident, February 17. Various, contradictory reports stated that the cafe would stay closed until the investigation is complete, while others claimed it would reopen on February 27. A senior police officer, who is investigating the case, said, "The cafe was closed immediately after the incident to prevent the crime scene from being hampered with. We had even told cafe owners to ensure that nobody enters the premises until permission is given. The crime scene has been inspected and details collected." He added, about the reopening of the cafe, "We heard it might be open by the end of February. But there are procedures which need to be followed and we cannot confirm when exactly it  will be."

Haris at police meeting, Home Min faces BJP wrath
Bengaluru: Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy has found himself under fire from the state wing of the BJP for allowing Shantinagar Congress MLA N.A. Haris to attend a police officers' meeting. The meeting had been called to discuss the brutal attack by his son Mohammad Nalapad Haris and his gang on a young man at a UB City restaurant. Speaking to reporters, BJP leader Suresh Kumar described the incident as "unique." 

Ramalinga ReddyRamalinga Reddy

"The father of the accused meets police officials and discusses his son's case. How can the Home Minister allow him to participate? This clearly shows the state government is going all out in its efforts to rescue Nalapad," Kumar asserted. 

Did vidwath trip and fall? possible but unlikely: Doctors
Bengaluru: Nalapad's lawyer, Tony Sebastian, has constantly referred to the attack on Vidwath an "accident," claiming that he invited the injuries by tripping and falling. Trauma experts, however, have a mixed reaction to this.

Dr Anand K, the doctor treating Vidwat and who is a consultant plastic surgeon in Mallya Hospital, says, "He is fine and all his vital signs, including oxygen rate, respiration rate and saturation rate are normal. The facial swelling has come down by over 90%. He doesn't need surgery as he has sustained only hairline fractures. In fact, we are contemplating discharging him." He added that Vidwat has "no problems talking.” Vidwat was shifted out of ICU on Sunday morning. 
Could this happen after a fall? "It's possible," says Dr Anand. "If you on your face and strike a stone, a nasal fracture is possible. Anybody who hits his face can damage the skin, the subcutaneous tissue around the eyes.

 Dr Ravish Bheemaiah, consultant intensivist,  Specialist Hospital says it is a classic case of blunt force trauma. "Unless he was drunk and fell down the stairs, such  injuries are highly unlikely. I suspect major injury to the jaw bone as he had difficulty speaking. It's not just the Mandibular fracture but also trauma to the brain. Falling down and sustaining such injuries is highly unlikely." 

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