33 BSF troopers court-martialled in East in last 2 years

It is also conducting court martial proceedings against 14 more personnel on different charges in the same zone presently

Kolkata: The Border Security Force (BSF) has court-martialled 33 troopers in its Eastern Command in the last two years for their role in various offences. It is also conducting court martial proceedings against 14 more personnel on different charges in the same zone at present.

Out of those 33 court-martialled, 24 alone faced the General Security Force Court (GSFC), the most stringent among the three categories of proceedings under the BSF Act, last year, according to a data of the border guarding force.

The revelation comes amid a marathon probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the role of BSF personnel and political networks in the illegal business of cattle smuggling across the India-Bangladesh border in West Bengal.

Among the 24 cases, seven were from North Bengal Frontier, six from Guwahati Frontier, four from Meghalaya Frontier, three each from Tripura and South Bengal Frontiers and one in Mizoram & Cachhar (M&C) Frontier, the data shows.

In comparison, the GSFC figure stood at only four-- two in North Bengal Frontier and one each in Guwahati and M&C Frontiers-- in 2020. It is currently five in South Bengal Frontier, four in North Bengal Frontier, three in Tripura Frontier and two in Guwahati Frontier as pending cases.

The Petty Security Force Court (PSFC), which is the second category of court martial in BSF, witnessed disposal of three cases-- one each North Bengal, Meghalaya and Tripura Frontiers-- in 2020 and one each in North Bengal and South Bengal Frontiers in 2021.

Confirming steps against the errant personnel, BSF (Eastern Command) Special Director General YB Khurania on Thursday said, "It is because of zero tolerance against corruption and connivance we have seen better days in last few years. It also resulted in a decline in trans-border crime. A message has gone loud and clear. BSF Act has given substantial powers to commanders at all levels to take action against the black sheep. If we see any aberration, whatever powers, given to us, will be utilised to deal with it. Several court martial proceedings have been completed, many are in process while others are in different stages of inquiry."

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