JS Women Leaders Slap Flexis of Ramgopal Varma, Roja, Ambati With Their Slippers

Visakhapatnam: As the political scene is warming up, rival sides seeking power in the state are targeting their political opponents with a new frenzy.

In a strange protest, the 33rd ward corporator Bisetti Vasantha Lakshmi, south constituency coordinator Pantri Sivaprasad Reddy, Bhimili constituency incharge Panchakarla Sandeep and others slapped the flexis of Ramgopal Verma and ministers Roja and Ambati Rambabu with their slippers. The JS Veera Mahila wing organised the protest at the GVMC Gandhi statue in Vizag.

Earlier in the day, Roja and Rambabu made few critical comments against their political rivals while addressing the Vyuham film pre-release event here.

Ambati Rambabu’s comment on Pawan Kalyan was that PK surrendered the Jana Sena party to Chandrababu Naidu when the latter was in Rajahmundry Jail. Roja said while Pawan fans and the Kapu caste wanted Pawan Kalyan to become the chief minister, the fact was that Pawan “owns a punctured bicycle” that would not move forward.

The JS Veera Mahila wing leaders claimed that their leader, PK, would provide a golden future to the people of AP through the TD and JS government.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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