Hyderabad: Bad upbringing causes kids to commit crimes

Social media too leaves a negative impact on young minds.

Hyderabad: Lack of parental affection and security, lack of family ties, skipping school, etc., contribute to delinquency among juveniles. A strong and secure attachment to a primary caregiver is the core of developing resilience and a healthy personality, say officials from Hyderabad city Police.

In recent times, the need to have a ‘cool gadget’ is one of the reasons children are involved in crime, officials said, adding that the effect of social media is more negative than positive on young minds.

Police Commissioner of Hyderabad, Anjani Kumar, categorises juvenile criminals into three groups. “The first one will be of those who are denied basic opportunities of livelihood and comforts of life. Then the ones who are spoilt brats of rich people, and the last lot will be the ones committing crimes due to peer pressure,” he said.

In August this year, a gang of six, including three juveniles, were apprehended by West Zone Police. They watched YouTube videos to learn how to hotwire bikes and were involved in 15 cases of bike thefts in the city.

The gang used to steal only high-end bikes and sell them to customers after promising to provide original documents. All six offenders were addicted to the luxurious life and developed vices, to feed which they resorted to crimes as they were from poor families, said DCP West Zone, A.R. Srinivas.

“Children who experience parental abuse or neglect are more likely to show negative outcomes that carry forward into adult life, with ongoing problems with emotional regulation, self-concept, social skills, and academic motivation, as well as serious learning and adjustment problems, including academic failure, severe depression, aggressive behaviour, peer difficulties, substance abuse, and delinquency,” said an official from Bharosa Centre, Hyderabad.

Apart from a bad upbringing, other causes for juveniles committing crimes are poverty, drug abuse, anti social peer group, easy availability of firearms, child sexual abuse and the role of the media, according to Dr Mamta C., a psychologist. “However, in India, it is mainly poverty and the effect of the media, especially the social media, which makes juveniles more inclined towards criminal activities,” she said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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