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Chennai: Two women arrested for fraud of Rs 35 lakh

Published Oct 26, 2018, 7:36 am IST
Updated Oct 26, 2018, 7:54 am IST
The couple then filed a complaint, seeking an enquiry with the St Thomas Mount Deputy Commissioner.
(Representational Images)
 (Representational Images)

Chennai: Two women in Pallavaram were arrested in a case of financial fraud on Thursday.

Devi, 33, had borrowed money from Jeeva, 32, and her husband Ramesh, 37, after her friend Nagajyothi, 34, introduced her to the couple. Devi, who was a successful businesswoman, borrowed Rs1 lakh, promising to repay it with interest, a total of Rs2 lakh within a month. As Devi kept her promise, Jeeva trusted her and had lent her money several times, police sources said.

This continued, until three months ago Devi borrowed Rs50 lakh, promising to pay it back two-fold in three months. However, since Jeeva did not have that much money at hand, she lent her Rs 35 lakh, expecting Rs 70 lakh in return.

However, when no money was returned, the couple went to meet Devi to enquire, police sources said. Devi then explained that her business was undergoing some losses. Jeeva then requested Rs 35 lakh in return at the least. But, Devi and Nagajyothi threatened to complain to the police about the couple’s illegal financing company.

The couple then filed a complaint, seeking an enquiry with the St Thomas Mount Deputy Commissioner.  During inquiry, the two women said that they did not borrow any cash, but the couple had CCTV footage from their house as evidence, police sources said.

The women were then arrested for not returning the money and for sending death threats to the couple. They have been remanded in judicial custody.



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