AP CS writes to TS counterpart on exchange of employees

VIJAYAWADA: AP chief secretary Sameer Sharma has written a letter to his Telangana counterpart Somesh Kumar regarding mutual exchange of government employees on permanent basis through interstate transfer.

Sameer Sharma said he is writing the letter to convey AP government’s no objection to those state government employees who are willingly going to Government of Telangana on a permanent transfer basis.

At the same time, Government of Telangana too conveyed its no objection to Government of Andhra Pradesh in respect of employees who have been allotted / deemed allotted to the successor state of Telangana, who are willingly going to Andhra Pradesh on permanent basis.

Sameer Sharma said total number of employees proceeding to Telangana from Andhra Pradesh is 1,808 and those wanting to be with Andhra Pradesh and not Telangana is 1,369. By exchanging these employees through inter-state transfer, the two states can once for all settle a long-pending issue concerning employees.

The AP chief secretary said they have requested Telangana government to convey its consent for exchange of 1,808 employees of AP with 1,369 employees of Telangana, who have exercised their option to go from one State to the other on permanent basis.

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