Ejipura: Where bikers fear to tread!

Published Sep 25, 2017, 6:26 am IST
Updated Sep 25, 2017, 6:27 am IST
If the government does not come to the rescue of the people the area would soon be known for accidents and epidemics.
Despite numerous complaints, the roads in Ejipura continue to be full of potholes 	(Photo:DC)
 Despite numerous complaints, the roads in Ejipura continue to be full of potholes (Photo:DC)

For Ejipura residents using a two wheeler is a risky affair as they have to negotiate cavernous and life threatening potholes in the area. The problem is acute if one is accompanied by a pillion rider. Though local residents have brought this to the notice of local corporator and civic officials nothing has been done.  In addition the garbage dumped in vacant plots in the area is posing a health hazard to local residents

Bengaluru: Every time you take out your motorbike on the road you are risking your life, not because someone will dash your vehicle but you may lose balance while negotiating cavernous life-threatening potholes. With the local corporator turning a blind eye to civic issues, the residents of Ejipura continue to lead a harrowing life.


“There is certainly a risk involved in navigating your vehicles through a road full of potholes. Ejipura is known for bad roads in Bengaluru. How can anyone commute, especially driving with a pillion rider is risky,” said Anurag Dey, who works with a consulting agency.

The residents allege that numerous promises have been made by the corporator and the ministers that the roads would be repaired, but it has now become an eternal wait. Most of the residents have lost the hope that the civic issues would ever be addressed.

Dey further added, “I have been staying at Ejipura for the past four years and never have I seen the drains or streets been cleaned regularly. The drain right opposite to the defence land is full of poly bags.”

Despite efforts by the BBMP to cajole the residents to segregate waste, various vacant lands in the locality have turned into a garbage dumping ground. The foul smell emanating from the unattended garbage during rains provide a favourable breeding ground for mosquitoes and water-borne diseases.

Shiva Kumar, an auto driver, claimed he often turns down requests by commuters to Ejipura due to bad roads. “Who would want to damage the vehicle over which my life depends? Right from Koramangala to Ejipura the roads are in pitiable condition. Is the government unaware of it,” he wonders.

Dey recalled that once the garbage dumping ground was cleaned near Viveknagar’s post at Ejipura was cleaned but soon the area near the fencing of the defence land turned into a garbage dumping ground.

“On Sundays, the garbage is hardly lifted by the BBMP. We have to bear the brunt of the negligence of corporator who despite knowing about the area does absolutely nothing. The residents are not asking for the moon, but good and clean roads,” said Nishant Anand, a local resident

If the government does not come to the rescue of the people the area would soon be known for accidents and epidemics. Most of the residents also anonymously accepted that segregation is necessary but if the government starts fining hotels and residents who litter garbage, certainly there would be an impact. 

There is no issue of lack of funds, says T Ramachandra 

When the roads at Ejipura will be repaired?
We know that there are a lot of issues related to the roads but we are working on that and the residents will soon have good roads. 

The locality has also been turned into a garbage dumping ground. Why?
As far as garbage is concerned it is cleaned regularly though there have been areas where garbage is dumped. We will resolve the issue of garbage too. Some of the areas where garbage was thrown is cleaned completely.  

Is lack of funds the reason behind the delay in projects?
Not at all, there is no issue of lack of funds. It is sanctioned by the minister so all the projects will take off soon. We are working on all the aspects of the civic issues and are at it.