Karimnagar: Boy suffocates to death in car

Boy wanders into car, gets locked in.

Karimnagar: A four-year-old boy died of suffocation after being trapped in a car in Rajapur village, Shankarpatnam mandal, Karimnagar district.

The victim was identified as Pinreddy Shiva Reddy, the younger son of Anand Reddy, employed in a private company, and Lavanya, residents of Kannapur, Shankarpatnam mandal, 27 km from Karimnagar.

Shiva Reddy and his parents were in Rajapur, which happens to be Ms Lavanya’s native place, to perform post-death rites of her mother. While everybody was busy offering prayers inside the house, Shiva Reddy stepped out to get some ice cream.

He was accompanied by a relative, who went back into the house after buying him the ice cream.

That is when Shiva Reddy noticed that the door of his family’s car had been left open. He went into the car and, it is surmised, locked himself inside.

His parents noticed almost an hour later that their son was missing from the group, which is when they started looking for him.

They eventually found him lying inside the car and rushed him to Karimnagar hospital, where he was declared dead before admission.

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