LDF is people's alternative to communal agenda: Pinarayi Vijayan

The chief minister said not a single sector had been left untouched in moving towards achieving a people's alternative.

Thiruvananthapuram: On the eve of the first anniversary of his government, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Wednesday said the state is committed to present a people’s alternative to globalisation and communal agenda.

In an article released for media, Pinarayi said the LDF in its manifesto had clearly articulated about a people’s alternative to the BJP led Central government's overdrive on neo liberal polices and communal-divisive agenda. “The RSS which is the driving force behind the BJP led NDA government at the centre is relentless in its efforts to rewrite India as a homogenous entity. Such homogeneity is precisely what globalisation needs to further its market interests. As the central government toes the line of the RSS, primarily on education and culture, the re-framing of which will enable them to mask this heterogeneous society into a homogeneous one, it is preparing the ground for the third level of economic reforms which is essential for bringing every nook and corner of this country directly in contact with globalisation,” he said.

The chief minister said as part of economic reforms the traditional and regional industries were being forced to shut down. Public sector units are being weakened and even the strong ones are being sold off to facilitate big businesses takeover of the Indian economy.

He said the government had taken up an ambitious '900 crore scheme to bring the students out of debt. “While the scheme is focused on higher education, particularly professional education, we are taking special care to ensure that our primary and secondary education enables our students to compete with students across the world,” the chief minister said.

He said several industries, particularly the cottage and traditional sectors, were hit by demonetisation. There is a mass exodus of farmers from the agricultural sector. Unemployment rate has risen like never before.

Pinarayi said his government had announced about 10,000 vacant posts within 100 days and PSC is going ahead with measures to fill up these posts. Over the last one year the PSC had filled over 36,000 vacant posts and 3500 new jobs have been created in the health sector, home and education.

The fortunes of 13 public sector units had been turned around in the last one year and 18 others are on their way to revival. Infrastructural projects including Kannur Airport, Kochi Metro, Light Metro, Kochi water metro are being taken on priority.

The four missions; Ardram, Life, Education and Haritha Keralam will address the burgeoning problems being faced by the state. Haritha Keralam is aimed at waste management, conservation of water bodies, organic farming and cleanliness of water sources.

He said Ardram mission was aimed at total overhaul of public health sector making it people friendly, affordable for the poorest and super speciality facilities in district and taluk hospitals. “LIFE mission includes livelihood, financial empowerment and houses for 2 lakh families without land or housing over the next four years. About five lakh people will benefit from this path-breaking initiative,” he added.

Pinarayi said our commitment to the disadvantaged sections had been made amply clear as we raised social security pensions to '1000 per month last June and further raised it to '1100 per month in this year’s budget. We ensured that these pensions are delivered to the beneficiaries at their homes.

The chief minister said not a single sector had been left untouched in moving towards achieving a people’s alternative.

“The Left is different because we hold ourselves accountable to the people and as each day passes by, we are proving to the people of Kerala that we are accountable, by championing the people’s alternative to globalisation,” he said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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