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Water crisis worsens by the day in Kadapa

Published Apr 25, 2019, 3:03 am IST
Updated Apr 25, 2019, 3:33 am IST
530 habitations using tankers, 100 habitations hiring borewells.
Women getting water from borewell.
 Women getting water from borewell.

Kadapa: Rural areas in Kadapa district have been gravely affected by lack of access to clean water. Almost 625 villages have been hit by severe drinking water crisis.

The district Administration, particularly the rural water works, and sanitation department have been supplying water through tankers. Long queues of people are waiting to collect water from tanker in villages.


By April 24, 530 habitations, with a population of 3,35,628, have been using tankers and 100 habitations, with a population of 24,560, have been hiring bore wells. The groundwater level as on April 24 was 24.3 metres on an average, when compared to that of April 24, 2018, which was 15.7 metres.

Rural water works department has been paying Rs 275 per day for bore well on hire. There are 100 bore wells that were hired by paying Rs 27,500. The bore wells that are nearer to the water scheme pipelines are connected to the supply system. These bore wells must supply water during summer, for three months.


From January, the water problem had increased in the district. The rural water works department has arranged 245 tankers and 81 bore wells were hired in January 2019, 329 tankers supplied water in February and 93 bore wells were hired.

In March, 498 tankers supplied water and 100 borewells were taken for hire, in April, the tankers were enhanced up to 544.

Seven mandals in the district have been facing hazardous water problem. In Galiveedu mandal, 75 villages faced severe water problem, followed by Porumamilla -62 villages, Rayachoti- 59, Lakkirddypalle -58, Chinnamandem -37, Ramapuram -31, Sundupalle- 26 villages. Some of the villagers in Obulavaripalli mandal are not getting water since three weeks. Korlakunta Sanjeevapuram, Yellayapalle, G.V. Puram, Chennarajupodu SC Colony and Chinnampalle villagers have been suffering due to lack of enough water.


200 families are residing in Sanjeevapuram and two hand pumps in the village have not been working. The villagers have been collecting money and bringing water, from tankers, for their regular usage. Kommanavaripalle, Appayyarajupeta, Vatthaluru, Pullampeta, Dalavayi villages in Pullampeta mandal have also been experiencing water crisis. So many villages have been experiencing drought conditions and water problem was faced by Chinnamandem mandal too. Women are going to agricultural  fields and bringing water.

All Municipalities, including Kadapa corporation, have been facing serious water problem. The Municipal Administration supplies water once in  five days. The outskirts of the urban areas are not having water pipelines. The Municipal officials are sending water through tankers. There was an allegation that some of the tanker staff have been diverting the water to apartments and restaurants.


There are 35,000 households in Kadapa city with 4 lakh population. As per the official source, the water requirement per day is 50 million litres. The municipal officials have been bringing water form Lingampalli, Gandi and Bugga areas and bore wells. Groundwater-levels have deepened and bore wells are unable to supply enough water.

The water that recently came from Alaganuru reservoir to Penna river recharged the groundwater-levels and the Gandi scheme has been  suppling water. Some of the tanker staff have been diverting the tankers for private parties. They are taking Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 for a tanker of water.


Municipal Corporation has  its own four tankers and have hired 13 tankers. These 17 tankers are supplying water to the outer areas of the city. There was an allegation that they have not been supplying enough water to the outer areas, diverting the tankers for construction works and hotels.

A resident of Chinnabesta street, Supraja said that they are not getting water since the last three days. Another old woman from Ravindranagar area said that they are getting water once in a week.

“We are unable to fill a bucket of water,” she alleged.


The population is 2.6 lakhs. 38,000 families are residing in Proddutur Town, which is the second largest town in the district. Irrigation officials released daily 75 cusecs water from Mylavaram Reservoir’s south canal to Proddutur, through Kundu river. This water reaches to Rameswaram headwater works and supplies to the town.

As per the official source, 22 million litres water per day is required, but only 15 MLD is being supplied. Yerraguntla Municipality’s demand is 4.2 ML of water per day, but they are getting 2.7 million litres only. In this way, all the Municipalities and rural areas have been facing severe water issues.


Location: India, Andhra Pradesh