Vijayawada: Bankers decide to reject FRDI Bill

PSBs have sound asset base and are custodians of people's savings.

Vijayawada: Indian bank Employees Federation 12th National Conference has started in Vijayawada on Saturday. Pradeep Biswas, All India General Secretary, Bank Employees Federation of India and CITU AP Secretary MA Gafoor have attended the conference. They have condemned the campaign going on against public sector banks in the name of Punjab National Bank scam.

General Secretary, BEFI Pradip Biswas has told “We strongly condemn the views expressed by the representatives of the business houses. Those who are advocating for privatisation of PSBs, they all know very well that the PSBs have sound asset base and are custodians of people’s savings to be tune of more than Rs 100 Lakh crores. The main problem with PSBs lies with huge accumulation of NPAs, 78% of which are due to 50 corporate houses. The central government is eager to initiate criminal cases against these wilful defaulters”.

The conference has passed the resolution to reject the FRDI bill. A resolution demanding to recover the huge amounts of NPA from the Corporates, has passed. M.A.Gafoor, general secretary, CITU, AP has stated that the BJP is trying to split the people in the name of religion and trying to impose the anti-people policies without any resistance.

M.Kameswari, convenor, LIC Women Employees Co-ordination Committee, has told, women employees in the organised sector, who are 7% should fight for the protection of women employees in un-organised sector, who are 93%. A seminar has been conducted in memory of Nareshpal Satabdhi on “Government policies and employees’ responsibility” by Sadasivan Pillai, ex-president, BEFI.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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