Private operators eat into APSRTC’s income

Published Feb 25, 2017, 3:02 am IST
Updated Feb 25, 2017, 3:09 am IST
Transport department starts measures to curb illegally-operated private vehicles.
Autorickshaws and other private vehicles snatch the revenue of APSRTC by plying  on the roads of Guntur city. (Photo: DC)
 Autorickshaws and other private vehicles snatch the revenue of APSRTC by plying on the roads of Guntur city. (Photo: DC)

GUNTUR: Private vehicles that violate norms are causing the APSRTC a loss of Rs 40 lakh in revenue daily, in Guntur district. These vehicles include cabs, jeeps, four-seaters, auto rickshaws and contract carriage private buses. The APSRTC has identified 74 routes in Guntur which are incurring the highest losses. The organisation has been trying to increase revenue by improving the quality of service, but their efforts seem to have been in vain. The Transport Department has started implementing measures to curb illegally-operational private vehicles from plying, for the safety of the public.

The APSRTC conducted a field survey which revealed that 168 trips are conducted by 89 private buses, from Guntur to Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Tirupati; while only 23 trips are conducted by 15 APSRTC buses to each city. Officials claim that private buses illegally operate as stage carriers, and eat into APSRTC’s revenue.


The survey also indicated that 4,469 private vehicles which operate along 74 routes, cause the APSRTC the highest losses. They found that 1,039 seven-seater auto rickshaws, 3,196 three-seater auto rickshaws, and 234 cabs are operative along these routes, providing an alternative means of transport to bus commuters. These vehicles collectively conduct nearly 25,500 trips per day along the 74 routes.

The APSRTC survey identified 170 private vehicles that conduct 600 trips between Vijayawada and Guntur, which is one of the main routes. Similarly, 600 auto rickshaws were found operating 5,000 trips on the Bapatla-Pittalavanipalem-Repalle route, and 100 auto rickshaws were found operating 400 trips on the Tenali-Vijayawada main route. Seven-, four-, and three-seater auto rickshaws and cabs that have been registered in rural areas but are operating their services in Guntur city are APSRTC’s biggest threat. Commuter N. Ramesh said that APSRTC city buses do not ply to all areas of Guntur city, and so people still use autorickshaws and private mini buses.