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Hyderabad: NIMS bought Rs 4 crore beds that it did not require

Published Aug 24, 2019, 1:15 am IST
Updated Aug 24, 2019, 1:15 am IST
Patients were allegedly referred for external diagnosis.
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Hyderabad: The Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences has purchased more than 600 hospital cots worth Rs 4 crore plus while there was no urgent requirement or demand for cots.

Financial irregularities in the form of purchases including that of medicines, surgical items, dialysis machines made by NIMS have come under the scanner of the Vigil-ance and Enforcement.


The Vigilance and Enforcement (V&E) department has begun a probe into the alleged corrupt practices at the NIMS. The case is in its preliminary investigation state.

The V&E received specific information that “the hospital during the past 3 years procured several dialysis machines only of a specific brand sold by a specific dealer for a higher price than compared to the manufacturer. It is alleged that a high percentage of the commission was taken barring any quotation.

Equipment called CARM which was being used commonly by gastroenterology department and urology was out of order involving repair cost of about `5 lakhs. This is used to conduct an ERCP test costing in NIMS around `9,000, while the turn out for this test in NIMS is huge, however, patients were being referred to outside diagnostic centres, the traffic outside is around `30,000”.


Likewise, the ETO sterilizer at the cardiology department was under repair and cost few lakhs however the patients were referred to private diagnosis centre. This concurrently happened when a huge number of hospital cots were purchased.

The investigating body has received specific information that few doctors are diverting NIMS patients to other cooperate hospitals, when a complaint was raised no action was taken.

Financial irregularities were also found in the purchase of medicines, it is alleged that, Though there is a rate contract for the purchase of medicines and surgical items, the authorities were buying some of them from open market on the pretext of L1 refusing the supply. “To help the medical shops situated in the premises all the patients are directed to buy from these shops instead of supplying from the hospital at reasonable rates. There is a the specific medical ship where purchases of Rs 3-4 crores were made, the said the shop gave 34 per cent of discount on manipulated MRP,” said the complaint submitted to V & E department. The appointment of doctors holding top positions has also come under enquiry. When enquired with NIMS director Dr. Manohar said, “The investigation is underway. We will let you know”.


Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad