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Nation Current Affairs 24 Jul 2019 Hyderabad: Gut hangi ...

Hyderabad: Gut hanging out, man walks 10 km for help

Published Jul 24, 2019, 2:39 am IST
Updated Jul 24, 2019, 2:39 am IST
Stomach split open after man falls off train at 2 am.
Before going back to his berth, he stood near the door which was open and suddenly slipped.
 Before going back to his berth, he stood near the door which was open and suddenly slipped.

Hyderabad: A railway passenger survived a train traveller’s worst nightmare — falling out of the train in the middle of the night.

What is worse, Mr Sunil Chauhan ripped his stomach in the fall and his intestines spilled out. Badly injured and dazed, Mr Chauhan tied his shirt around his stomach and walked nearly 10 km before he was spotted and rushed to hospital on Sunday.


Mr Chauhan, 38, was travelling along with his brother from Bihar to Nellore on the Sanghamitra Express when the tragedy unfolded. He woke up to relieve himself in the toilet in the compartment at about 2 am on Sunday.

Before going back to his berth, he stood near the door which was open and suddenly slipped. The train sped way, no one aware of what had happened.

While falling, Mr Chauhan hit an iron rod which ripped open his stomach and his intestines spilled out.  He also suffered injuries to his spine, chest and limbs. He lost his cellphone and could not find it in the dark.

Bleeding profusely, Mr Chauhan tied his shirt around his abdomen and began walking. Despite the pain, he walked for close to 10 km when he was spotted by station master Sanjay Kumar Patel at Hasanparthy station.

The official immediately called and ambulance and rushed Mr Chauhan to the MGM Hospital in Warangal.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Dr B. Srinivas Rao, medical superintendent, MGM Hospital, said that apart from ripping his stomach, Mr Chauhan had suffered multiple injuries to the spine and lower limbs. His blood pressure was low. Miraculously, he did not injure his head or lungs.

Doctors pushed his intestines back into place and began treatment. He is under the supervision of surgeons Dr Ramesh and Dr K. Ibrahim. Asked if he was drunk at that time, Dr Rao said there was no presence of alcohol in his bloodstream.

Despite being in a critical condition, he remembered his brother’s phone number. Officials called his brother, Mr Praveen Chauhan, who got down from the train and travelled to MGM Hospital. His family also reached Warangal on Tuesday. The railway police has registered a case and started investigation.

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad