Police frisk motorists at gun point in Badaun, UP

Senior officials of the police force have called the act a \'mere precautionary\' move.

Budaun: Police men in Wazir Nagar area of Badaun district are checking vehicles and riders at gunpoint in a video which has gone viral.

However, senior officials have called the act a 'mere precautionary' move.

"It has been our experience that people with criminal bent of mind have weapons and they don't hesitate in firing. Our officers have often suffered casualties and serious injuries in such incidents. Keeping that in mind, we are using these tactical techniques as a precaution," said Senior Superintendent Ashok Kumar Tripathi.

Videos of the police frisking people in the middle of the road in broad daylight have gone viral on the internet. With their hands up, motor cycle riders can be seen being frisked. A policeman is seen pointing a gun at the persons, while two others check the vehicles or people.

"It is only so that we can respond timely if something goes wrong. Our only intention is to ensure our personnel safe during the checking," Tripathi said.

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