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Bengaluru: Kasturinagar Main Road dug up for almost a year!

Published Jun 24, 2019, 5:34 am IST
Updated Jun 24, 2019, 5:35 am IST
This prolonged disruption not just affected the motorists, but even businesses in the area have been badly hit.
The poor condition of the Kasturinagar Main Road	(Photo: DC)
 The poor condition of the Kasturinagar Main Road (Photo: DC)

Bengaluru: Kasturinagar Main Road, which is a major link between Byappanahalli and Banaswadi has been dug up for almost a year. This prolonged disruption not just affected the motorists, but even businesses in the area have been badly hit.

Punith Kumar, an hotelier, said, "My kitchen was serving hundreds of people every day. But now it is lying unused. The utensils which were used to cook food now remain empty. Thanks to the pipeline laying work taken up by the BWSSB, and that too for over a year now."


The problems faced by the people are innumerable. The once busy road has now become deserted with mounds of dug up soil everywhere, which is also affecting the health of people living nearby. Punith recalled that this year's summer was harsh. "We suffered a lot of problems due to dust, which could be one of the root causes for allergies and so many other related diseases. This stretch that has been dug is the one that connects to so many other roads. Commuting on 2nd Main of Kasturinagar is a nightmare," he added.

The residents were never against the pipeline work, but they have a problem with unfinished work, and it has been nearly a year. They have been bearing with this hardship since July 2018.


"The businesses in the area have taken a beating. This busy road had shops, which were doing roaring business. But now there is hardly any business," said Maruthi K., a local resident.

 It all started when BWSSB dug up the 2nd Main Road in Kasturinagar as part of its scheme to provide water to 110 villages. For hundreds of students who either stay in the area or are studying in schools and colleges nearby are often told to walk to save time, as the schools buses cannot negotiate through the dug up roads, Maruthi added.

"Every evening there used to be many food trucks catering to people returning home after their work. But they no longer come as the whole area is dusty due to the debris left on the road," said Yogesh, a student.


‘Rocky surface led to delay in project

Q&A with Prakash, BWSSB executive engineer

Why has Kasturinagar 2nd Main Road been dug up? And what is the cost of the project?
The exact cost cannot be revealed as it is part of 250 km pipeline project to provide water to 110 villages. Already three kilometres of pipeline has been laid and another three kilometres is pending.

Why was project delayed?  
The project is a major one as it involves laying of 1400 mm diametre pipe for water supply. We found very hard to dig the road as we encountered hard rock. We could not take a chance for blasting, as the surroundings were fully developed and it could cause damage to nearby structures. We then decided to go for diamond rock cutting.


When is it likely to be completed?  
The BBMP has given revised cost for restoration of dug-up road. Already, the BWSSB had deposited Rs 82 lakh. Later, as per the request of the BBMP the cost may be revised, once the BWSSB takes a call. Once the approval is given, the project is likely to be completed within a month. At present BBMP can take up asphalting on either sides of the dug-up portion.

Location: India, Karnataka, Bengaluru