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TTD to produce Anandaiah's concoction

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Published on: May 23, 2021 | Updated on: May 23, 2021

Board member and MLA Chevireddy announces decision to manufacture mixture as immunity booster

Employees queue up to board a bus at the foothill of Tirumala. (PTI file image)

Employees queue up to board a bus at the foothill of Tirumala. (PTI file image)

TIRUPATI: Even as the authorities temporarily suspended the preparation and distribution of Krishnapatnam concoction, touted as a cure for Covid-19, till its efficacy is scientifically established, Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, Chandragiri MLA and Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Trust board , announced that the TTD would produce and distribute Bonigi Anandaiah's herbal concoction as an immunity booster which has no side-effects.

The distribution of the Krishnapatnam concoction was indefinitely suspended by the authorities, till its efficacy is scientifically established. A team from AP Ayush Department, led by commissioner V. Ramulu Naik, on Saturday inspected the demonstration of medicine preparation in Krishnapatnam.

Post verification, they stated that Ayush protocols and guidelines did not accept these preparations as Ayurvedic medicines. They also said the preparations were similar to traditional local medicines and there was no need for any licence for this.  Also, the TTD Ayurveda experts, who collected the herbs-spice mix on Saturday, certified that it had no side-effects and was in fact a great immunity booster.

In this regard, Reddy, along with Ayurveda experts of TTD, on Sunday examined the equipment required for the preparation of the medicine, availability of required herbs, stocks and preparation site in the TTD Ayurveda Pharmacy located at Narasingapuram near Chandragiri.

Speaking to the media later, the LA informed that the TTD would scale up the preparation and distribution of the mixture formulated by Anandaiah, if it got approval from the Ayush department, ICMR and any other equivalent research institutes. He also stated that TTD Ayurveda experts had started research on the concoction and an in-depth research should be done at least in four stages.  

"According to the information available so far, it has been confirmed that there are no side effects. The TTD has its own state-of-the-art Ayurvedic pharma and it has the capacity to manufacture this concoction on its own. In just 60 days, it is possible to supply it to the entire state," Reddy said.

However, he also said the concoction prepared by Anandaiah was not a permanent antidote to the Covid-19, although it was known for its ability to increase immunity. "The preparation of this medicine will be carried out, considering it as an immunity booster," he clarified and stated that the manufacturing and distribution of this medicine would be done following the instructions of the Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. 

CPI leader Narayana endorses Anandaiah mixture

CPI national secretary K. Narayana has put his weight behind the Ayurveda mixture that is claimed to work against Covid-19 of B. Anandaiah of Krishnapatnam and slammed those talking negatively against it. Critics say a headmaster took ill after intake of the medicine.

During a visit to Krishnapatnam village on Sunday, Narayana questioned the rationale behind judging the efficacy of the mixture based on one instance of its reaction on one person. At the same time, it must be noted that there was no complaint from over 60,000 people who took the concoction so far, he said.

Narayana said Ayurveda and home remedies are time-tested and part of the traditions here. Allopathy came later. He himself is a qualified allopathy doctor. "Lack of patronage led the Indian medicine systems to take the back-seat," he said

The CPI leader suspected the role of corporate entities behind the campaign against the Anandaiah mixture. He urged the government to depute Ayurveda experts to Krishnapatnam and ensure its distribution under their supervision.

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