\'Poll Manager\' wins in Kannur

The app has mandatory provisions to feed answers to 19 questions.

Kannur: The 'Poll Manager' has scored a big victory in the district. This is a mobile app developed at the state-level for the better management of the polling process. It helped in connecting the officials and giving information on the polling progress to the officials as well as to the election control room.

The service of the 'Poll Manager' began soon after the polling officials started from the polling stations on Monday. Linked with the Kerala Polls web portal, the app has mandatory provisions to feed answers to 19 questions, including the time when the officials started from the distribution centre and the time they reached the polling booth. The polling official could move from one question to another only step by step, without skipping any. The app has option for uploading the details of polling every hour which is linked to the state web portal.

The number of voters waiting in queue at the end of the polling time (6 p.m.), the time of completion of voting process and total votes polled were uploaded on the app in time which made the district-level processing of the data easier. It was either the presiding officer or the first polling officer who had uploaded the details on the app from the polling booth.

The mobile app has option to send an SOS message to the election control room if there were any hindrances to the polling process. Polling officials used this facility on Tuesday to report law and order issues, technical snags of VVPAT machines and power failure, which were rectified fast.

Polling officials of about ten booths used this app during the process which helped the district collector to intervene in the issues and ensure speedy solutions.

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